About our Club

Founded October 2004, this club was setup to provide quality and fun coaching and netball games to girls of all ages in the Surrey Heath area.

We currently have 9 teams in the club ranging from High 5 upto senior adult netball. 

We always welcome new players of any ability to join us.

Training Info

Training occurs on each and every Tuesday & Wednesday night from 5.30pm to 9:30pm at Connaught School, during school terms only.

Please note training times:

Age GroupTimeDay of the week
Bumbles (Yr's 5 & 6) 5.30pm and finish at 6:30pm Wednesday Night
Scorpion's, Dragonfly's & Firefly's 8:00pm and finish at 9:30pm Wednesday Night
Butterfly's (Yr 8) & Hornet's (Yr 9) 6:30pm and finish at 8:00pm Tuesday Night
Wasp's (Yr 7) 6:30pm and finish at 8:00pm Wednesday Night
Bee's's (Yr 10 & 11) & Allsort's 8:00pm and finish at 9:30pm Tuesday Night


Match Information

Surrey Heath Stingers Netball Club plays netball games with other local teams. We are currently entered into 4 leagues depending on the age group in question and availability of squad members. 

WhenLeagueTeams Involved
Every other Monday night Charters Junior League Teams  :  Hornet's, Butterfly's & Wasp's
One Sunday a month Nonsuch League Teams  :  Bumbles, Wasp's, Butterfly's, Hornet's  & Bee's
Every Monday night Charters Senior League Teams  :  Bee's & Allsort's
Every Thursday night Charters Senior League Teams:   Scorpions, Firefly's & Dragonfly's
Every other Saturday Bracknell League Teams :  Scorpion's & Dragonfly's
Two Sundays a month U16 Surrey League Teams : Bee's

Please note that Nonsuch League matches are only played during the months October, November, January, February & March - with a total of 4 meetings over these months.

The Charters Junior and Senior League is played during school term only and is divided into two sections, September to March = Winter League and April till July = Summer League.

If you would like any further information please contact Patricia via the contact us section.


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